Product no.: EPAVSL-3

Swiss Light 3200

The ultra-light professional hairdryer

Valera code SL3200

Not suitable for wet areas

£41.50 *
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Product no.: SDRBA1

Valera hair dryer flannel black bag 300mm x 400mm

£5.00 *
Product no.: SDRBR6

Valera Jolly Chrome plated plastic bracket to hold hair dryers EPAVSB, EPAVSB-6 or SDRX14. Valera Code 034/C

£6.50 *
Product no.: SDRBR8

Valera Jolly Clear plastic bracket to hold EPAVSB, EPAVSB-6 or SDRX14. Valera Code 034

Suitable for Valera mod. 581.., 560.., 561.., 582.. and 542…

£6.50 *
Product no.: SDRBR7

Valera Universal Chrome plastic Bracket for hair dryer (Valera code 040/C)

£9.00 *